Personal Statement – 

If my pictures should have a meaning, it could be this one: capture inexplicable moments, unique, strange, magical moments. Instants of a second, like the blink of an eye… Images that comes from our most intimal thoughts…

I like working in dark sets where the beauty comes from strong contrast. Lost worlds from our imagination; moments stolen from our subconscious

Structured as stories and fables, my works are based on biographical reflections and tireless research about what how we see and question what we see. The goal is to create unexpected feelings where the immediate reality take the viewer into deeper levels, reaching the essence of things.

I based my work on true stories, philosophy and literary works such as Kafka and Ionesco: universes full of symbolism, absurd and nonsense stories where the first reading produce surprise, hit, seduce and imprison the reader through mazes that lead to mistaken goals.

Biography – 

Julie Annabelle Schimel is a young French artist of only 26 who has lived between France and Spain developping his photographic work in both countries. The essence of creation with the camera suddenly caught this artist soon and she knew from the beginning that she wanted to enter into the world of the image. Explore the world, reinvent it, analyze and compose universes with his camera is part of her Modus Vivendi.


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