[fine art] Re Nouveau | Solo Exhibition

Production. LLUMM STUDIOS – www.llumm.com | Art Direction. Me & Arturo Laso | Art. Teresa Juan | Stylism. Arturo Laso | MakeUp. Jaume Polo | Hair. Miguel Vidagany | Model. Anna Gulevich | Photographer Assistant. Carlos Gutierrez & Juan Torres | MakingOf. Juan Torres


Curator’s Note – Kir Royal Gallery – Jorge Lopez – ENGLISH VERSION 
Re Nouveau
We travel and fly through her images,
Her creations are puzzling.
A fantasy tale.
When I was a little kid, at nightfall, my mother used to tell me stories of crows and other mystical creatures living in magical forests… Night tales where enchantment and gloominess would intermingle… I would then imagine what I could not see and would therefore end up wandering into a world that did not belong to anyone, that other world made of magic and darkness: that of Julie Annabelle Schimel.
Julie Annabelle Schimel is introducing us to a tale and, as the usual tales did, this one comes from stories that have turned into legends, legends that turned into myths, myths turned into whispers just like the Grimms Brothers, Perrault and La Fontaine did when using old tales and simply adding their fantasies, wills or other personal visions, created different worlds where wolves would be locked up in a cruel, dreadful world or where the princess would change a toad into a prince. Their aim remained the same: linking childhood and innocence to adulthood.
Julie Annabelle Schimel’s work is made up as make-up: an analogy between a myth and fashion where the appearance creates an image, a tale. One could say that fairy tales and fashion are alike: indeed, one always ends up facing princesses, witches and other fascinating creatures.
This is exactly what Julie Annabelle Schimel does through images filled with magic, darkness, lights and shadows symbols. She’s only 23 and thanks to her, we can all dive into her world and meet fairy tales characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood and even Snow White. She uses her lens to show us how today’s fashion leads us towards a world of fantasy, cruelty, lies and mysteries. Her needs to tell a story brings us closer to her fantastic images and creations where value, intelligence and innocence are printed on black shots.
“In a (un)known world…” is the special way Julie Annabelle Schimel starts her new “Re Nouveau” to perform her research on photography and fashion.
I do not know about Wonderland, but Julie Annabelle Schimel has managed to make me enter her universe as if I were the small rabbit sneaking its head into the hole.
Her “Re Nouveau” is a dark landscape full of strange lights coming from our dreams, a universe filled with biographical thoughts and endless research on the viewing and the questioning we all have when it comes to daily concerns. Julie Annabelle Schimel dives into the universe of fashion and takes us with her into the woods, enabling us to feel the essence and the power of images.
 And… how i made those pictures? Well… we don’t have lots of big woods in Valencia (spain). This is actually the opposite… So, thanks to LLUMM STUDIOS, and specially Carlos Gutierrez, I could created my own wood, as I was seing it in my head. Something strange, unlimited, dark where I could only show to the spectators what I wanted. A wood created from nothing. Just a hope, a picture in my head that didn’t let me sleep.

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